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Over & Under Shotguns

Over & Under shotguns are a type of shotgun that has two barrels that are stacked one on top of the other. They are known for their accuracy and smooth shooting.


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  1. Shotgun Semi 12Ga Benelli Nova 28"
    Special Price R17,670 Regular Price R18,574
    Benelli innovators rocked the shooting industry when they first unveiled the Nova.... Learn More
  2. Shotgun Semi 12Ga Beretta 1301 Comp Pro Toni System (9+1) 24 In
    Special Price R46,640 Regular Price R50,349
    With the comfort, stability and easy swing offered by the new stock, the ultra-fas... Learn More
  3. Shotgun 12Ga Franchi Feeling Sport Adjustable 30"
    Special Price R28,940 Regular Price R31,549
    Feeling Sporting weights 3,500 grams with a 71 cm barrel, though the 76 cm barrel ... Learn More
  4. Shotgun Pump 12Ga Winchester Sxp Xtreme Defender 5+1 Dark Earth
    Special Price R19,430 Regular Price R20,099
    The SHOTGUN 12GA WINCHESTER SXP XTREME DEFENDER is a powerful semi-auto shotgun desig... Learn More
  5. Shotgun 12Ga Browning B525 Sporter 1 30"
    Special Price R48,599 Regular Price R52,349
    Keeping all the specific features of the B525 Sporter 1, commercialised in 2014, t... Learn More

Items 1-15 of 39

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