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    High power lantern with globe protection guard. Features Clip & Go™ system for easy... Learn More
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    Introducing the Campingaz Lumogaz Plus lantern – an incredibly reliable valv... Learn More

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    The Stellia® CV model is a high power two mantle lantern that operates off Campingaz... Learn More
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    The Energizer® Multi-Function Flashlight with Light Fusion Technology delivers... Learn More

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    The LED light with the magnetic personality. Keep your hands free, thanks to a remark... Learn More
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    Energizer has an entire range of leisure and outdoor flashlights to suit your every n... Learn More
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    You can light a whole room with Energizer area lights and lanterns. No more groping y... Learn More
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    The Fenix CL23 is the first multi-directional camping lantern from Fenix. It provides... Learn More
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    The Fenix CL26R camping lantern is here to make all camping trips better. This sma... Learn More

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    Multipurpose Light Compactible shade design for broad area light or warm lantern ligh... Learn More
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    Lightforce Hand-Held 140mm Reflector Spotlight is designed to enhance any situatio... Learn More

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    The NITECORE LR50 is a slim profile portable lantern that pushes out up to 250 lum... Learn More


Items 1-15 of 18

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