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SOSC caters for the sport shooting skills development of a beginner/novice, up to the development of dedicated provincial class (Expert/Master) of sport shooters affiliated to different bodies, nationally and internationally. Hosting an array of sport shooting events such as: IPSC - handgun, shotgun, rifle, mini rifle & 3-gun disciplines, as well as IDPA - handgun and DMG (Defensive Multi-Gun) categories. With the fastest-most-frequent rate of events, during weekday evenings, and on weekends, allowing for the fast and easy development of members to dedicated sport shooting status and without hassle.


Annual SOSC Membership for the main member of a family is R1 514, whereas every additional member of the family (residing in the same address) will be granted Family Membership at R757 per annum.  Membership is valid for 12 months from the date of approval, while the main criteria is based on qualification requirements: meaning that each applicant must have completed the Proficiency Training at an accredited Training Centre, before membership may be granted.


Through a huge network of supportive structures, personnel and the business of Safari Outdoor, we have the means to provide education & training, support, inspiration, and recognition through positive contributions, and affiliations to bodies/associations, to run an extremely active competitive shooting program, covering at large:

  1. Practical Sport Shooting
  2. Defensive Sport Shooting
  3. Educational Sport Shooting
  4. Tactical & Combat Sport Shooting
  5. Steel Challenge Sport Shooting
  6. Clay Shooting
  7. Multi-Gun Competitive Shooting
  8. 3-Gun Sport Shooting
  9. Long Range Sport Shooting



SOSC strives to give recognition within these sporting types, despite race, believes, religion, age or the like –and will allow the best competitors within SOSC to excel to their maximum through positive support and recognition.

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Cruy Cruywagen
Manager SOSC / SOTC
083 304 9901 / 0861 22 2269
[email protected]
Safari Outdoor Lynnwood, Lynnwood Bridge Shopping Centre, Pretoria

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