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No graceful gliding finishes here. When you want the Rapala RipStop to execute a pause in your retrieve, it does so – immediately. It's a whole new way of fishing a ripping, slashing jerkbait. Because of the water resistance built into its unique hard boot tail design, the RipStop comes to rest quickly, with only a subtle shiver as it reverts to a head-slightly-up position to begin an agonizingly slow rise toward the surface. Molded lip for perfectly tuned precision. Snap, twitch, rip, stop on a dime. Bass, walleyes, and inshore game fish are sure to find the flashy, hard-stopping Rapala RipStop extremely interesting. When they do, the VMC black nickel fine wire hooks are ready to take over.


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  • Slashing, ripping jerkbait stops on a dime
  • Unique hard boot tail design
  • Comes to rest quickly on the pause
  • Super-slow rise with head slightly up
  • Molded lip for perfectly tuned precision
  • Flashy, realistic finish
  • Excellent multi-species lure
  • Fitted with VMC black nickel fine wire hooks
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