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Completely independent from an external power supply but with all the benefits and advantages of all available PCP systems on the market. Choose any combination of shots/pumps to match the need of the situation. Large pressure gauge for precise control over the working pressure to ensure ultimate consistency. All PCP airguns have what is called a “sweet spot” where the accuracy is at best. The Independence can be kept at this level with ease.


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It has its own self-contained mechanical filling facility.

- In other words the large side lever set to the right of the rifle action can be used to pump air into what outwardly appears to be a very generously size air reservoir that dominates the front of the rifle.

The Independence uses a small, neat side-lever for cocking which is slightly angled out approximately an inch from the end finishing with a drop down bar fitted with a ‘hard rubberised sleeved’ making it very easy to hold. During the cocking operation, the pellet probe also withdraws from the ‘sprung’ 12-shot magazine, which indexes precisely around to bring another pellet in line with the breech, to be seated into the 19 5/8” barrel on returning the cocking lever forward to its original position.

The rifle uses the same 12-shot removable rotary magazine as the FX Whisper T-12. In .177 calibre the magazines are 17-shot. Once removed from the right of the action, the FX magazine looks similar to a Theoben mag – but with subtle changes so as not to infringe patents. To load, the Perspex plate is turned anti-clockwise, the first pellet is dropped skirt first into the rear of the magazine. Then turn it around and load conventionally keeping the Perspex plate held under tension and allowed to re-wind until another chamber is empty and then load the rest as normal. Slip the full magazine back into the right of the action where the cut away channel in the back allows it to slide in until it stops at the barrel’s brass breech collar. 

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