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The G-Sight Gen2 Series Laser Training Cartridge helps you to elevate your skills to the next level using the calibre specific G-Sight Laser Training Series. Train virtually anywhere with the firearms you already own. Featuring a firing pin activated laser, receive instant visual feedback of your shots. G-Sight Laser Trainers present a hardened rubber primer, functioning much like a snap cap, ensuring the safety of your firing pin. Practice chambering, racking, tapping and malfunction drills, with the added ability of revamping dry firing into a clear bullet impact drill. A key component of G-Sight Laser Trainers are two O-rings, establishing a more stable and accurate fire down the barrel of the firearm. The rebated rim allows racking the slide without ejecting the cartridge.

The laser training cartridges allow you to practice and perfect shooting fundamentals such as sight picture, sight alignment and trigger control. Available in red and infrared. Both the red and infrared cartridges are compatible with Keiron Reactive Laser Targets. Train like a pro using the G Sight laser trainer together with several Keiron reactive targets. The targets may be configured to simulate virtually any type of drill or competitive layout. The Keiron SPEED records all your shots allowing the shooter to train more efficiently. Excel your capability, capacity, and performance with the G-Sight Training Series.

The laser training cartridges are designed to augment dry fire practice, using real firearms. They are firing pin activated, and momentarily flash on when the "primer" is struck, illuminating the target. No special attachments are required, each cartridge is sized for a particular calibre and they simply drop in and work.


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