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The Remington Model 700 PCR 6.5 Creedmoor rifle was designed to stretch your effective range and shrink your groups like no other production rifle. For its new Precision Chassis Rifle(PCR), Remington took its coveted model 700 action and paired it with a heavy barrel.

Placed in a top-notch Magpul PRS Gen 3 tactical style stock and installed its excellent X-Mark Pro trigger. It is a solid platform for long range shots, on the range or out hunting on the plains of South Africa.

From extended-range medium-game hunting to printing one-ragged-hole groups from the bench, no rifle delivers like the Remington Model 700 PCR 6.5 Creedmoor.


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The Remington Model 700 PCR 6.5 Creedmoor combines the added stability of a 24″ heavy-contour barrel with a hard-hitting, long range caliber in the 6.5 Creedmoor to stretch your lethal range. The Magpul PRS Gen 3 Tactical Chassis is a solid one piece aircraft grade system with a detachable 5 round magazine.

The heavy contour 24 inch free-floating barrel of the Remington 6.5 Creedmoor PCR will effectively eliminate vibration. This will ensure solid accuracy and tight groups round after round.

Built on the famous Model 700™ cylindrical action, Remington PCR rifles have proven to be some of the most accurate rifles for over-the-counter sale. The aircraft- grade aluminium alloy chassis of unmatched rigidity and atmospheric immunity create the most stable and consistent platform possible for launching long- distance shots.

It features a free floating aluminium hand guard, adjustable cheek piece and ambidextrous palm swell. 

The Remington Model 700 PCR chambered in the relatively new 6.5 Creedmoor Caliber, is a fantastic all round rifle. The 6.5mm projectiles has proven itself from long range gong shoots to a great caliber for short to longer distance hunting. The range of bullets that is most popular is in the 120 to 156 grain range. The flat trajectories with a muzzle velocity around the 2550 to 3050 ft/s mark, makes this a useful rifle for hunting medium bodied antelope.

The flat trajectories with a muzzle velocity around the 2550 to 3050 ft/s mark, makes this a useful rifle for hunting medium bodied antelope. The ability of the 6.5 Creedmoor Caliber to achieve good velocity with moderate recoil and still deliver knock down power makes it a great choice for competition shooters and hunters alike.

The Remington Model 700 PCR Chassis has an asymmetrical grip pattern and shape that has been specifically designed to give a solid grip in all conditions, a grip that never slips. The “fore-end” is actually a removable aluminium handguard that accepts SquareDrop and KeyMod accessories.

The high quality recoil pad reduces the impact of the recoil on the shooter which is a very useful feature, especially on the range. The MagPul PRS Gen 3 Chassis comes with robust 25mm recoil pad.

The 24-inch barrel on the Remington Model 700 PCR absorbs heat much better than lighter, traditional thinner contour barrels. Manufactured from high carbon steel, the 24 inch length of the barrel will also optimize the use of all the powder in the cartridge case. The heavy contour barrel of the Remington Model 700 PCR has a concave target style crown. Shot after shot a precisely cut crown is very important for consistency. The crown has a diameter of 20.5 mm. It is threaded in 5/8 inch and comes with a thread protector.

Built on the famous Model 700™ cylindrical action, the Remington Model 700 PCR comes with a dual locking lug bolt. At the face of the bolt is one plunger-style ejector. The bolt handle has a distinct Remington knob that bears grooves to ensure a firm grip. Remington also select an action length according to the caliber size.
The action also house the X-Mark Pro® externally adjustable trigger.

The Remington Model 700 PCR comes standard with a metal trigger guard and a detachable polymer magazine. The magazine has a 5 round capacity.

The Magpul PRS Gen 3 stock has both an adjustable cheekpiece and Length of Pull. To adjust the cheekrest, from the right-hand side of the rifle, simply rotate the front knob in the buttstock toward the butt to raise the cheekpiece.

  • Calibre: 6.5 Creedmoor
  • Mag. Capacity: 5
  • Barrel Length: 24"
  • Twist: 8
  • Overall Length: 44
  • Average Weight: 4.7kg
  • Length of Pull: 13.25 - 15.25"
  • Drop (Comb): .25 - 1"
  • Drop (Heel): .25 - 1.75"
  • Barrel Material: Carbon Steel
  • Stock Material: Polymer
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