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By now, it’s probably no secret that the suppressor market is growing rather rapidly. In 2013, the suppressor market had a large uptick in sales. I can’t think of any negatives in this positive trend. And like several other manufacturers in the industry, GLOCK has recognized its customers’ increased hunger for suppressors and suppressed shooting and developed its own factory-threaded barrels. Always interested in the “why,” I asked the folks at GLOCK why they decided to start pushing their threaded barrels, and they stated it was due to increased popularity of suppressors, and GLOCK wanted to provide customers with an OEM option. Fair enough.

The more attuned GLOCK fans should be happy to know that GLOCK is making the OEM barrels in Austria, but the company can make them in the U.S. as well. These barrels are chambered for 9×19, .40 and .45 AUTO and, as of right now, are only available in Gen3 G17, G19, G23 and G21 SF models. The “TB” designation has been added to the product names. There will be no threaded barrel for the G22. In Canada, the G19 and G23 are restricted for civilian sales due to their barrel lengths, but due to the longer threaded barrels, the G19 TB and G23 TB models can now be legally sold, opening up new opportunities for GLOCK and the shooters north of our U.S. border.

The threaded barrels, roughly 0.5 inches longer than their non-threaded brethren, are created from a high grade of steel that is specially produced for GLOCK. The exact type of steel and its properties are a GLOCK trade secret. The 9×19 and .40 barrels have 1-in-9.84-inch twist rates, while .45 AUTO barrels have 1-in-15.74-inch twist rates. As you might expect, the rifling is the same polygonal type made popular by the company. Not only are the barrels an option on GLOCK’s complete guns, but they can also be purchased separately from retailers. Since the barrels are made in Austria, they feature a European left-hand thread pattern: 13.5×1 for the G17, G19 and G23 barrels and 16×1 for the G21 SF.


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  • Caliber: 9 mm Luger
  • Barrel Length: 102 mm | 4.02 inch
  • Weight (With loaded magazine): 890 g / 31.39 oz
  • System: Safe Action
  • Trigger Pull: 26 N
  • Magazine Capacity: 17
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9MM PAR (9X19MM)
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