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The long slender Strong Hard ABS body has the most incredible side-to-side action on the twitch and a slim S-curve action on straight retrieve. The Floating version has a horizontal balance. slightly keeping the head up on the spin stop – creating the perfect wounded baitfish profile. The long cast design is silent – the perfect top water lure for more wary predator fish The sinking version is made for Long distance casting in the surf and rougher conditions and has a noisy rattle in the back chamber – it will come straight to the surface on retrieve and walk easily from side to side with great flash and splash – and noisy clicking sound.


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  • Florescent colors and details utilized for increased visibility to the fish
  • Internal rattle produces sound to draw strikes
  • Thru-wired construction for extra strength and durability Strategic weighting for long casting performance
  • Ultra-anti-rust coating with a matte finish to reduce reflection and visibility High carbon steel hook for heavier tackle applications where strength is required while maintaining excellent hook penetration 3D scanned details of the actual fish mimicked by the lure
  • Photo print colors and details from an actual fish
  • Glow in the dark pigments used
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