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Insert the sharp end of the peg into the worm weight and thread the worm weight with the peg onto the line. Draw just enough line through so that you can tie the hook without any problems. DO NOT trim Peg-it at this point.

Next, MOISTEN the line with saliva and slide both the weight and peg down but stop BEFORE you reach both the hook and the knot. Pull the peg deeper into the weight to where the flat part with the groove for the line is pulled almost completely into the weight.

Leave just enough of the peg out so as to make it possible to remove the peg when you are done fishing.

ALWAYS moisten the line anytime you slide the weigh and peg together.

Pegging your weights will, in most cases, make for fewer hangups and protect the worm/tube/lizard etc from being pushed down by obstacles.

Don't use a toothpick as this can very easily damage your line!


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Worm Lead Size 1/16OZ 12P/P

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