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These beautiful fire hardened glass beads from Top Brass Tackle are precision cut and polished to produce flat, light reflective surfaces that are sure to attract attention. The central hole is cleanly bored and polished so there is no danger to your line when you use these glass beads. Glass beads are often used between a weight and the knot you use to tie on any terminal tackle, such as a hook or a swivel to protect the knot from potential damage caused by the weight hammering on the knot.

Glass beads also give sound to your rig when used this way, since the weight will create a clicking sound when it contacts the glass bead that carries well underwater and resembles the sound of a crayfish moving. Try a brass bullet weight for maximum noise since the brass is harder it will create a sharper, louder clacking sound.


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  • The weight of the VMC tungsten worm is a lead-free weight for worms to reach deeper waters.
  • Made of tungsten, it has a more compact profile in the water for a more stealthier presentation.
  • It is harder and provides greater sensitivity for movements.
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