The art of specialised breeding and training of top gundogs in association with Safari Outdoor


Hunting has been around as long as man has. Today the art of breeding and training top gun dogs is a specialised industry, one that has had little exposure in South Africa.

Safari Outdoor in association with top SA Gun Dog breeder and trainer, Matthew Berry, present to you: Safari Dogs.

This initiative aims to create awareness and cultivate this age-old tradition and gun-dog hunting lifestyle for generations to come.
• Best guaranteed bloodlines
• Best advice on dog breeds suited to your lifestyle
• Training solutions for all types of hunting and obedience
• Full range of products for training and hunting in store

Matthew Berry has been training dogs for more than 25 years since his Military days as a tracker dog handler in the SADF. His passion for Gundogs developed in 1996 and this led to a trip in 1999 to Germany with the aim of purchasing a new line of Deutsch Drahthaars suitable to South African hunting conditions. Since then Matthew has been the chairman of the KZN HPR club, an active member of Wingshooters, one of the founder members of the newly developed club SAVHDA (South African Versatile Hunting Dog Association) and now a partner in the visionary Safari Dogs concept. Not only is Matthew the trainer for all the rarer breeds of Gundogs with his deep understanding of Canine Behaviour and keen interest in different breeds of dogs but also the Wingshooters “Go To man” for working dogs successfully in the field.

Contact Matthew Berry for more information on dog breeds, buys, training and benefits:
c) 082 869 9366