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Retriever Hunt Tests - James Spencer
Retriever Hunt Tests - James Spencer
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Whether you're preparing for your first or you 50th hunt test, you will find Spencer's newest title invaluable. Hunt test participants will refer to this book again & again. 37 B&W photos; 6x9 inches, 164 pgs.

Even the most experienced handler needs an occasional refresher course. Whether you're preparing for your first or you 50th hunt test, you will find Spencer's newest title invaluable. Beginning with an overview of hunting tests & their sponsors, Spencer progresses to short history of the hunt test movement & the difficulty of qualifying in each format. He then proceeds to explain how to prepare for the tests, from the day you decide to enter to the day of the test. The book wraps up with helpful advice about putting on a successful test. Hunt test participants, both handlers & workers, as well as judges, will refer to this book again & again.

Hunt tests are noncompetitive testing programs where each retriever entered is judged against a written standard and passes or fails the test on his own merits. Compared with competitive events, the atmosphere at hunt tests is refreshing. Participants are relaxed, supportive, and friendly. Your dog can win whatever hunt test titles you aspire to simply by qualifying at as few as five events. Perhaps most important

hunt test rules mandate true simulation of actual hunting.

Writing for hunt testers at every level, Spencer fills in the œthings they forgot to tell you. Whether you are beginner, a skilled handler needing an occasional refresher, a judge or a workerthis book is for you!

Section I, An Overview of Hunt Tests, describes hunt tests, lists sponsoring organizations, and details their origin and statistics: number of events, entries, levels of difficulty, etc.

Section II, Successful Handlingthe œmeat of the bookexplains how to prepare for a test, general handling guidelines, specific œat the line advice for handling a dog in single, double and triple marks, combination marks and blinds, how to deal with various distractions and hazards, and how to handle a dog in upland hunting and trailing tests.

After all the time spent with your dog and fellow participants, you may feel the urge to hold a test or become a judge. Section III covers how to put on a successful hunt test or become a competent judge. Contact information for the four sponsoring organizations is also provided.

has been involved with retrievers since the late 1940s and with hunt tests since their beginning in the early 1980s. Jim has campaigned his own retriever at all levels of AKC hunting tests, campaigned spaniels in & judged all levels of AKS spaniel hunting tests, plus campaigned his German Shorthair Pointer through all levels of AKC pointing breed tests.

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