Red-i Laser Bore Sight 375 H&H


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Red-i Laser Bore Sight 375 H&H
Red-i Laser Bore Sight 375 H&H
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Red-i Laser Bore Sight 375 H&H

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Red-i is a unique battery-powered laser bore sight manufactured to specifications of the desired calibre, made out of high-grade brass and stainless steel with a high quality laser, which is aligned and checked 100% on our CENTER JIG. It feeds from the magazine and into the chamber of the weapon and when the bolt is closed the sight activates and shines directly down the barrel onto the target.

The idea of Red-i-Laser began in 1995 while building extremely big calibre guns. The rifles had to be zeroed, and the only way was by using live ammunition. This became very time consuming and very expensive. The idea of a chambered bore sight came up in order to save time, ammunintion and money. The first Red-i-Laser bore sight was built for a 500 Jeffrey.

Within a year we patented the idea of a chambered bore sight. This was only the beginning of a revolutionary process to align the internal laser and the external dimensions of the cartridge first time.

This is also the sole reason why only Red-i-Laser bore sights give you a repeatable and reliable reference every time. We introduced the idea to the International market late 1998. In the following years we attended several International shows all over the world, with great success.

Our knowledgeable staff has over 40 years of combined experience regarding rifles, hunting and in the precision manufacturing and custom-designing field, together with a desire to satisfy our customer needs, large and small all over the world.

Installation Instructions
1. Insert Red-i into the magazine or place directly into the barrel chamber by hand.

2. Carefully close the rifle bolt at which time a laser beam will emit through the barrel. Note: do not force the bolt.

3. Point the rifle at a surface ±25M. (Note that a shaded surface or fluorescent surface should be chosen if carrying out this exercise in strong sunlight in order to enhance the visibility of the laser dot.)

4. Memorize the position of the laser ˜dot' in relation to the ˜cross hair' of the telescope. (The marksmen will always know that if the red ˜dot' is in that exact position as memorized, the rifle is zeroed at the required shooting distance.

5. Extract the Red-i device from the chamber exercising extreme care not to allow the device to fall onto hard surfaces. The Red-i is an optical instrument and must be handled with care.

6. Replace device into the belt pouch provided or original package case.

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