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The high 640x480 pixel resolution ensures all objects within the field of view have the highest level of detail. High sensor resolution makes the smallest objects, i.e. branches, leaves, body extremities of an animal, appear exceptionally crisp and clear against the background.

Detecting object at long distances are an important feature for optics users in outdoor environments. Optic quality and the best thermal imaging sensor available make a unique combination designed to deliver the longest detection range possible.

Incremental zoom is a perfect solution to quick, on-the-fly zooming. When time is not a limiting factor but slight details are, the device’s smooth zoom is the better option.

The dual eyepiece configuration reduces eye fatigue during longer viewing and enhances the natural look of objects. The human brain is pre-conditioned to receive visual information from two channels simultaneously. The brain then combines the information into a single image. When one eye is used to observe, the brain only receives information a single input. The increased effort from the brain to override the standard algorithm of visual perception can quickly lead to the observer feeling fatigued and uncomfortable.

The ability to adjust the distance between eyepieces allows the user to best position the optic for individual needs. Interpupillary distance differs from person to person. Adjusting for individual fit dramatically improves viewing comfort and quality, and eliminates the potential for double-imaging.

High Image frequency is important when shooting at moving targets. A high refresh rates ensures motion is fluid and in real-time, allowing more accurate speed assessment and shot placement.

The Built-in video recorder is a great asset when it comes to filming or taking photos of once-in-a-lifetime experiences. One press of the REC button captures footage that can be shared easily with colleagues, friends and family

Observation devices are no longer just optics. Today’s devices are increasingly designed to meet multi-tasking requirements dictated by a wider array of scenarios. Turning the unit into a hot spot, complete with ability to connect directly to a smartphone or tablet, increases and enhances features, including the ability to control the device remotely.

  • Built-in precise laser rangefinder
  • Highly sensitive thermal imaging sensor
  • Comfortable for long observation
  • Long detection range up to 1800 m
  • Image Boost Technology
  • Full-Colour AMOLED Display
  • Built-in photo and video recorder
  • Wi-Fi. Integration with IOS and Android devices
  • Variable Digital Zoom
  • Picture-in-Picture
  • 8 Colour pallets
  • Quick-change rechargeable batteries
  • IPX7 Waterproof Rated
  • High Resolution 640x480 Thermal Imaging Sensor
  • Variable Interpupillary Distance
  • High refresh rate 50 Hz
  • Effective Temperature Stabilization of the Sensor
  • Manual Contrast and Brightness Adjustment
  • Observation Modes
  • Updatable Firmware
  • External Power Supply
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