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Featuring durable cast metal and steel tube construction, the Enhanced Rifle Rest offers quick, precise elevation adjustment and gives shooters a stable, even rest. The adjustable feet offer a secure grip on any surface and produce a level platform to cradle your firearm. With its heavy duty steel and aluminum construction that can stand up to the harshest recoil while providing a stable, even rest. The rest supplies a rapid elevation adjustment of up to 2.25″. The front shooting bag is made of leather and polymer to safely cradle your firearm, and the rest is compatible with magazine fed modern sporting rifles such as AR-15 and AK-47 varieties.

  • Professional Bench Rest
  • High-grade rest for steady, repeatable performance
  • Durable cast aluminum and steel tube construction
  • Compatible with most magazine-fed rifles
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Rapid elevation adjustment, up to 2.25 inches
  • Ergonomic, rapid-adjust elevation wheel
  • Adjustable steel feet with removable polymer covers
  • Leather and polyester front shooting bag