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Having become conversant with the procedures, processes and techniques of loading a functional cartridge, many hand loaders need to tune their ammunition to perform to levels beyond that of standard ammunition. In this video Kassie focuses on the techniques a hand loader can apply during the loading process to enhance the performance of his loaded cartridge to meet the defined operational requirements.

Fine tuning a cartridge may not necessarily mean tuning for better accuracy. It may mean to make it perform in a specific rifle, or to reduce the recoil, or to employ to in sub-sonic modes, or to fulfill any other operational requirement the shooter may want to satisfy. Again, as there are many additives to any recipe to flavour the dish to the likes of the baker, there also are many lesser techniques, some of them gimmicks, to trim a cartridge to the likes of the loader. Kassie once more focuses on the fundamentals when tuning a cartridge to required performance, and leaves the field open to individualism for maneuvering within the constraints of the fundamentals.