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Redding T7 Turret Press

The T-7 Turret Reloading Press 

The new T-7 combines strength, power and convenience with the speed and versatility of a turret press.

œCast iron construction, powerful compound linkage and a rigid seven station turret combine to make the new Redding T-7 the best turret press ever!
The design criteria was to create the ultimate turret press. Our engineering team started with our time proven cast iron construction and turret support that is second to none.
They added powerful compound linkage with over 3.8 of ram travel. A 1 diameter hollow ram was chosen with the œsmart primer arm and œspent primer collection system borrowed from our Ultramag. Another station was added to the turret for even greater versatility and an optional œSlide Bar Automatic Primer Feeding System was designed.
After adding a few more subtle refinements and built with the precision you would expect from Redding, we're confident this is the best turret press ever.

¢ Seven station turret head with operating handle
¢ Heavy duty cast iron frame for strength and wear resistance
¢ Powerful compound linkage with positive ram stop.
¢ 1 diameter ram
¢ 4-3/4 press opening
¢ 3-13/16 ram stroke 
¢ Ball handle
¢œSpent primer collection system
¢ Accepts all standard 7/8'-14 threaded dies and universal shell holders
¢ Shellholders may be rotated to any comfortable position desired
¢ œSmart primer arm for seating small and large primers
¢ Interchangeable turret heads 
¢ Competition die compatible.