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The Redding Big Boss II Press is built with some of the same features as the original Boss press but built on a heavier frame with a larger ram and more usable ram stroke to make loading large magnum cartridges a breeze. Some of the new features include an innovative spent primer collection system which has a tube that redirects the primers away from the press and the "Smart" primer arm that automatically swings into position during the ram stroke and flips out of the way when not in use

Both the original Big Boss and the new Big Boss II reloading presses have all the desirable features of the œBoss reloading press, but are built on heavier frames with a 1 diameter ram and longer 3.8 usable ram stroke for reloading the largest magnum cartridges.

The Big Boss II now features the unique Redding œSpent Primer Collection System used on the T-7 and Ultramag presses. This top of the line single station press has the largest window opening and longest usable ram stroke of any press in its class. Simply, the only press you will ever need!

¢ œSpent primer collection system
¢ 1 diameter ram
¢ Heavy duty cast iron frame with 36° offset for easy access and visibility
¢ Large 4-1/2' frame opening
¢ 3-13/16' of ram stroke for easy reloading of magnum cartridges
¢ Offset/straight pull ball handle for ease of operation
¢ 'Smart' primer arm that moves in and out of position with ram travel
¢ Heavy duty compound linkage
¢ Steel adapter bushing accepts all standard 7/8'-14 threaded dies and is removable for use with oversized dies
¢ Frame with bushing removed accepts 1-1/4' - 12 dies