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Nelson Mandela's release from prison and his election as South Africa's first democratically appointed president ushered in the beginning of the a new age of hope and aspiration. To a people who had known violence and injustice, and who had been stripped of their dignity, Mandela brought hope, pride and a new patriotism. He showed that reconciliation, forgiveness and tolerance are not only possible but an imperative. In the process, he transformed South Africa from pariah of the world to a leader in democracy.

This book describes the tremendous challenges faced by Nelson Mandela and those who followed him, in trying to heal his beloved land. It depicts the statesman, the patient and the angry, the man who was never too busy to stop and listen to a child. Every person who has met Mandela has felt his special ‘Madiba magic’. The liberation struggle to which he devoted his life did not end with the first democratic election in 1994. It continues in the form of a struggle for economic justice, without which democracy cannot survive. The authoritative text presents Mandela the husband, father, prisoner, politician and leading light of his country and it is beautifully illustrated with photographs throughout. A photographic keepsake of one of the world's most charismatic and influential statesmen that everyone will enjoy.