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The Leupold Alumina™ system is a great lineup of various accessories to complement your Leupold riflescope, and in some cases they work with specific Leupold spotting scopes as well.  Likely the most useful portion of the Alumina™ system are their filter offerings, available in YL (yellow), OG (orange), BZ (bronze) and OP (optimizer) designations.

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The YL (yellow) filter cuts out blue light that is usually seen in dusty, hazy conditions.  On a dull and cloudy day, it will brighten lifeless images and darken soft gray shadows for superior contrast.  In target shooting, it eliminates the halo-like blue and violet rays seen at the edge of a black target, yielding crisper target outlines and bullet holes upon the paper.  And in game hunting, the yellow filter will show your target easier from its cover on bright and hazy days.