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Walk with the author from puberty to retirement and experience how he had to maintain the rugged lifestyle of a detective among ruthless and hardened criminals, but stil show compassion towards hapless victims.

Read about, and see photographs of distressing deeds, committed by loathsome criminals, who have no remorse for their actions. Read how a father beats his little daughter to death and then slits her throat. How a son murders his parents, how murder and crime becomes the only way of life for these people whose own circumstances of alcohol and drug addiction makes them the victims of their own deeds, resulting in the final outcome of a death penalty. Read how the author’s persistence leads to phenomenal prosecutions. Follow him throughout his career and see how he, as a detective, had to maintain the front of being a father, husband and religious citizen. Follow him through the highs and lows of his career, how he remained standing only through his faith in the Lord, with his wife and sons by his side, in the days before ‘counselling’ became the buzz word. Understandable thus, that some of his experiences are better kept unwritten, while others may be shared and even cherished.