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In Historic Rifles-The Long Journey Home, legendary hunting rifles return to the Dark Continent to fulfill their destiny and confirm their place in safari history. The sport of hunting has a long and storied past where men, places, and events often take on iconic status as the years pass. Africa, in particular, has been home to countless legendary figures and their deeds since modern man first put pen to paper in an effort to capture and share his experiences in pursuit of game on the Dark Continent.

The lure of ivory opened the interior of Africa. Bold men in search of Africa`s white gold carved their way through its wilderness and into legend as they lived and died on the tracks of elephants and adventure. Most of her storied hunters were sons of Africa born into the great land but not all. Africa cast her spell on men from across the seas, men who came to love the land, its game, and the danger and drama of the chase. Some of these men, through the written word, would produce works and deeds that continue to this day to ignite the flame of adventure and the thrill of the hunt in those likeminded souls who have followed them.