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At the time of production, Greatest Hippo Charges is Mark`s longest running movie at 114 minutes. It is a collection of the greatest blood-on-the-shoes hippo charges ever recorded by anyone--anywhere. Seven charges in all. Each charge is professionally filmed and edited. Also included is the most dramatic 12 1/2 minutes of highlight introduction ever created. Unbelievable bone chilling, in-your-face hippo footage--much of it never before seen footage including a great new hippo charge from a previous season. This is over-the-top EXTREME hunting like you've come to expect from Africa's most viewed and acclaimed professional hunter.

Each of the seven hunts is preceded with Mark`s on-camera, behind-the- scenes interviews, detailing the facts surrounding each charge. He carefully sets the stage as to what to look for, the circumstances that put him there, and the date and year each hunt takes place. Mark takes you back in time and shares with you specific thoughts on how he conducted each hunt and what he might do differently today. He stresses the fact that in earlier years he was "still learning the ropes" and not nearly the hunter he is today. Mark explains how hunting his way is a progression of life experiences that, over time, form us into the hunter we ultimately become. The narrative is informative and educational. Above all, it is honest and real. For your convenience, the movie may be played with or without Mark`s on-camera interviews. All of the music was produced live in studio. It is heart-pounding footage; real and in your face. The only footage of its kind in the world. It is the best, non-stop life and death movie ever produced. Seven unforgettable near-death charges; anyone of which could have ended Mark`s life.