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Tony Sanchez is nearing his sixtieth year as a hunter in Africa, a record that is hard to equal. With such a great amount of time spent in pursuit of dangerous game comes a great deal of experience with calibers and rifles.

Right from the outset-during his hunts in West Africa during the 1950s-he was interested in what type of gun and what kind of bullet he was shooting. That interest in firearms and ammunition has never dimmed. His fascination with this subject can be viewed as one of the great loves of his life-along with his love for his wife, Isabel, and his love of elephants. As might be expected from a man who likes the "big" in big game, this book starts with the .375 and works its way up to the .700. All calibers in between are covered, which he breaks down into the calibers for bolt actions (a total of 16 calibers) and the rimmed cartridges for double rifles (a total of 14 calibers).