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Revolutionize the way you secure loads to your vehicle. The Stratchit is the ultimate tie down with stretchy ratcheting performance in a lightweight, durable strap. Give up your heavy, rattle prone, and cumbersome ratchets. Stop wrestling with fixed length bungee cords. The Stratchit has all the benefits of a ratchet strap and a bungee cord combined. Sold in pairs.

Cinch down your loads simply and effectively. No more worries about bumpy roads and rattling loose loads. The Stratchit absorbs the tension. Think of the Stratchit as a stretchable ratchet strap. Simply secure the ends and hand tighten the strap. It’s quick and remarkably efficient. Fastens to and around just about anything. Of course, we love to see the Stratchets used with the Front Runner Slimline Roof Rack, but they will work with all roof rack systems. Secure: Cases (Pelican, Zargas, Alu-box, etc.) to any roof rack. Secure: Boats, bicycles, firewood, chairs, etc. Secure: Your fridge to your fridge slide. Keep your luggage secure inside the vehicle. Scrunch up your sleeping bags extra tight. Sold in pairs. HOW TO USE: Hook to the Front Runner Roof Rack Tie Down Ring or loop around the slats and fasten the Stratchit to itself. Hook the Stratchit’s carabiner to any edge. You can even remove the carabiner and loop the Stratchit through itself - to fasten around any roof rack rail, railing, pole, bumper, tire carrier.... etc. WARNINGS: Please read and follow all these warnings carefully -- failure to do so could result in cargo damage and could cause injury. Do not over tighten. Use only hand leverage. Never stand in the direct path of the Stratchet when tensioning to prevent the risk of injury should the strap become detached. Loads settle. Check Stratchit after first 10 miles of driving and each 50 miles thereafter. User to evaluate working load and requirements. DO NOT use to support human weight under any circumstance. Check the Stratchit regularly for signs of deterioration or damage. To ensure longevity, please remove the Stratchits from the sun and weather elements when not in use. Ensure that the points of attachment to the vehicle or trailer are of sufficient strength to withstand the maximum loading that will be produced during use. Take additional care if securing large objects that may be subject to aerodynamic lifting forces causes by bumps. Always use the appropriate number of straps and drive at reduced speeds to minimize the effects of these forces.Sold in PAIRS Adjustable from 22" (560mm) to 60" (1524mm) Each strap rated at 300 lbs (136kg)