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The Forster Datum Dial Ammunition Measurement System gives you the data you need to refine your case sizing operations. The Datum Dial provides a relative measurement between the base of a case to a datum point on its shoulder angle. It may be used before sizing operations to find the optimal headspace for your firearm. After sizing operations, use the Datum Dial to check the setup and consistency of your reloading process. When used in conjunction with the Datum Dial (DD1010) the tool measures the relative distance of a bullet or cartridge to a point on the bullet’s ogive. This dial is for 17, 204, 257, 277, and 338 bullets.

Availability: JHB:4+ PTA:4+ STB:4+ ER:4+ WR:0

Better accuracy because your ammunition’s headspace is tailored to your firearms’ chamber Safer shooting because excessive headspace, which may lead to dangerous case separation, can be avoided Quick sorting of batches of cases, bullets and cartridges to effectively remove variation to provide relative consistency More possible reloads because of reduced work hardening of brass