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Encounters With Lions - Jan Hemsing

Fierce or friendly, no one ever takes a lion for granted. These action, adventure & anecdote packed pages will delight readers & adventurers alike. Limited Edition of 1000; signed & numbered. 100+ B&W illus; 6x9 inches, 302 pages.

Fierce or friendly, no one ever takes a lion for granted. When man and lion meet the situation can be fierce, fatal, frightening or humorous. The history of Kenya and British East Africa cannot be separated from the numerous encounters of man and the King of Beasts. The lions once had Africa all to themselves. Then, make way for man! And that is when the lions hit back with every tooth, claw and pound.

The hunters who recount their stories here have seen generous lions on top of them and fierce ones below. Encounters contains never before published contributions from a who's who of Kenya hunters who themselves have been 'lionized': Tony Dyer, Anthony Seth-Smith, John Sutton, Terry Mathews, David Williams, Peter Davey, Alan Binks, Bill Winter, etc. These action, adventure and anecdote packed pages will delight readers and adventurers alike.

'When the last story of Africa has been written and the lion has lain down with the lamb, someone will adjudge the true place of the white hunter, a figure romantic in fiction and fascinating in fact. ..These are the men that accept responsibility for the safety of their clients and yet guarantee excitement without danger, thrills without spills, sport without risk.' And only someone with the background of a Jan Hemsing can tie it all together to produce this wonderful volume