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Rowland Ward



There are few names as enduring in the field of African big-game hunting as that of Tony Sánchez-Ariño. Not only has he been hunting on the African continent for over five decades, but he is also one of the very few left who actually had significant hunting experience in Africa prior to the departure of the colonial powers. What other hunter can recall gorillas still being shot legally, and who else has twenty-eight elephants to his name with tusks of 100 pounds or greater?

Tony recalls his days of hunting in Somalia before anarchy raised its ugly head. As for modern African hunting, Tony gives us an insightful look into the current situation on the African lion and the uncertainty that is constantly present when operating a safari anywhere in Africa today. There's also a chapter on how he shot his 2,000th buffalo, a riveting story of a bongo that he tried to hunt, and the truth behind the invisible northern white rhinos. Whether it's a tale of a banana-plantation-raiding elephant or an entertaining story on the elf of the African woods, the yellow-backed duiker, Tony Sanchez-Ariño has one of the most entertaining and relaxing storytelling manners of anyone writing today. If you love hunting in Africa, you will love Tony's new book, which is certain to contain the most diverting tales of hunting adventures anywhere.