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The leopard doesn't change its spots. It's the master hunter of the African bush, and it's never predictable. When matching wits with the leopard, experience is priceless. Get to know this great unpredictable game animal up close and personal and benefit from the hard earned savvy of one of the most experienced professional hunters in the business.

Lou Hallamore spends more time in leopard blinds than most people spend in movie theaters. He's logged in over 40 years of professional hunting experience (and as a Rhodesian farm boy he learned a goodly number of bush hunting tricks before he turned pro). Lou has spent much of that time figuring out how to outwit Chui, and the number of top trophies he's taken for clients over the years proves that he learned those lessons well. Simply put: Lou knows one hell of a lot about leopard hunting and he's put it into one hell of a leopard-hunting book.

Lou, together with his long-time friend and client, Bruce Woods, produced a book that is packed with accurate information and has the sheer readability of a classic African hunting lore. Bruce not only has a lot of African hunting experience under his own belt, he was also a widely published writer and a professional magazine editor. What a team! Of course, writing alone does not make a book, so Lou and Bruce have packed their book with plenty of superior photos, images that not only illustrate the hunt but also invoke the sights, sounds and smells of the African bush.

The best way to provide an idea of what you can expect to find in Chui! is to preview the Table of Contents:

¢ A Natural History of the African Leopard

¢ In the Blind: Tactics, Techniques, Equipment

¢ Leopards and Men: A few Classic Encounters

¢ Advanced Tactics for Problem Leopards

¢ Leopard Hunting Today

¢ Wounded Leopards: When the Kit Hits the Fan

¢ Bait: The Hunt before the Hunt

¢ To Skin a Cat

¢ Placing the Bait

¢ The Journal of a Hunt

¢ The All Important Blind

¢ On the Right Track