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This DVD features very well-produced, completely fair-chase hunts with lots of hard work before the hunter gets a buffalo. Hunters climb up Mount Loosimingor, and everything must be taken in a backpack. Hunting is from a tent, and the mountains are cold at night, and this resembles a mountain-game hunt even with the rain! It is interesting to note how the vegetation, only a few thousand feet above the parched dry northern Tanzanian plains, is very lush and green

The buffaloes in these mountains are very challenging to hunt, and to add to the difficulty, Josh—who is the guide and PH—and his longtime tracker, Lorinyo, only want to shoot solitary bulls or very old herd bulls. A few clients are filmed, and it is clear that this is no cakewalk, for you see a young, fit client makes a less-than-perfect shot. The following up, no less than two days, in thick tangle and steep terrain is devilishly difficult. Another client is older but patient and shoots well. As before, the spirit and experience of a true wilderness hunt comes through in spades. The client hunters are German or English, and if German is spoken, English subtitles are provided.