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This is the third installment in the buffalo-hunting DVD series by Tanzanian PH Rainer Josch. About four years ago he set out to create a series of DVDs on hunting one variety of buffalo at the time, and so far he has done one film on East African Cape buffalo and one on the water buffalo of Australia. In this film Josch has undertaken what must surely be the most challenging environment in which to film (and hunt) buffalo: the dense rain forest of the Congo basin.

Here, in the Cameroon, we follow the hunting couple of Cordelia and Rudolf Kraeling, both active hunters. Cordelia uses a double .500 Nitro Express, which is considerably bigger than the .375 H&H her husband is using. Now, for those who have seen rain forest hunting films with a few fleeting specks of brown that represent "animals," get ready for something better. Quite a bit better as it turns out: The company filmed various live forest buffaloes and the result is some decent footage that gives the viewers a good idea of what the animals look like. Once in the rain forest (after an entire day's driving), the film crew got "lucky." Cordelia, who is the buffalo hunter, goes on two stalks that ultimately fail, but while no shots are fired, the film crew obtains good buffalo footage. On the third stalk Cordelia shoots a very good-quality bull. In addition there are film sequences of a yellow-backed duiker and giant forest hog, and forest sitatunga and red river hog are shot off camera.