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Return to the famed Zambezi Valley of Zimbabwe with noted outdoor writer Craig Boddington and professional hunter Andrew Dawson of Chifuti Safaris as they guide you through the art of hunting the African leopard. The same excellent cameraman, Dave Fulson that they used for the Boddington on Buffalo DVD filmed this DVD as well. The incredible footage features Boddington in his quest for a trophy leopard, and it also includes highlights and kills from numerous dramatic and successful other leopard safaris. Boddington’s own leopard comes as it is almost dark but fear not; all in all there are 21 (yes twenty one) leopard hunts on this video. Because the producers did not want a killing spree movie, the DVD is 3 hours and 45 minutes long, with each hunt showing a certain aspect about leopard hunting with many dos and don’ts. Learn among other things how the leopard reaction to the shot is a very good indicator as to the deadliness of the shot placed

This action-packed DVD is both entertaining as well as highly informative on the art of hunting the leopard. Like the previous buffalo DVD, this film is the most complete study ever produced on hunting the African leopard...a must for any safari enthusiast! This DVD divided in handy chapters so you can go from one section to the next quickly. Chapters are Rifles and Cartridges: Baiting: Finding a Leopard: Bait Checking: Blinds: Natural History: Distribution: Trophy Judgment: Equipment: Shot Placement: Trophy Care and Follow Up & Danger Factor.