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Birds Boots And Barrels - Catchpole

Game shooting in the 21st century is more popular now, perhaps, than at any previous time. However game shooting remains a positive minefield of blunders, gaffes, faux pas and bear traps for the unprepared. Social, sartorial and sporting. Sins of commission and of omission. Rules, customs and practices. All unwritten, some even unspoken; but each waiting to attract contumely and derision upon the head of the unhappy novice. No one likes being told what to do; much less being told off for doing something wrong. So when your fellow sportsmen are all being frightfully British, saying nothing but shrieking volumes, what's the proper response? Birds, Boots and Barrels is not an instruction book, though it is mightily instructive, but an invaluable and often very funny guide “ for the novice shooter and the experience gun.

This is the book for everyone who wants to shoot, does shoot, or wonders why anyone even wants to go shooting! Brilliantly combining hard facts and instruction with witty flights of fancy, Giles Catchpole has teamed up with renowned cartoonist Bryn Parry to write a book that will both delight and inform any shooting enthusiast-and many who aren't.