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PH Paddy Curtis and a colleague guide two hunters for a classic tent safari. The Selous, named after English hunter, soldier, and naturalist Frederick Selous is as big as Switzerland and holds 120,000 buffaloes alone. No surprise that the hunters manage to shoot several. Other game bagged includes hippo, croc, as well as a leopard, which has to be followed after being wounded and is finished off by the two PHs with shotguns

Hunting in East Africa is, in general, in very rich wildlife areas, and this movie shows lots of game footage both of animals shot and many animals that were left alone. The footage of the baiting of crocodiles in a river estuary is quite interesting; it is hard to not be disgusted by what a croc will eat! Besides the inoccasional awkward use of the English language by the commentator, this is a well-produced movie. The end of the movie is an elephant hunt that leads to a good size tusker after a long stalk.