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Rowland Ward Publications. Johannesburg. (1995) 2000 , first english edition. Large 4to. Ppii,256. Colour and b/w photographs, silk marker. Black bonded leather . "Sacha de Montbel was born in Toulouse in 1926. After serving in the Second World War he went to Africa at the age of 23 where he spent the next 20 years firstly in North Africa as a journalist and then in Equatorial Africa as a cigarette manufacturer.
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It was here that he first began big game hunting, visiting all the hunting territories of the African continent. As the years passed he travelled all over the world hunting in Asia, Oceania, North and South America, Central and Eastern Europe. All in all he has undertaken more than forty extended safaris. With its many beautiful photographs, and chapters on hunting on every continent, there is no other book like it." Big game hunting between the 1930's and the present day in Southern, Eastern and Equatorial Africa, Europe, North, South and Central America, Australia, Central Asia and Indo-China. Chapters from a number of contributors besides the author. Concludes with chapters on choice of weapons and taxidermy. Mouflon, boar, markhor, gaur, argali, wild sheep, buffalo, jaguar, deer, polar bear, brown bear and grizzly, moose, sable, eland, elephant, rhino, and others. This is the English translation of the French first edition, 1995