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ASP Federal Baton Scabbard / Pouch / Holder for F21 ASP Batons are more than just cases for more than holding an expandable baton. Baton Pouches fashioned from leather are subject wear and tear with daily use. When a hole is placed in the bottom of the case, the tactical baton will shake open as an police officer runs or jumps over a fence. The ASP Federal Baton Scabbard overcomes the difficulties associated with traditional baton pouches . ASP has fashioned them with the same durable polymer technology of the finest firearms used in Police Departments and Federal Agencies.

These ASP Federal Rotating baton holders are low profile, lightweight, rotate to 12 distinct positions and retain retracted as well as expanded ASP Batons. Batons are held in the Federal scabbard holder by a steel retention bar.The ASP Federal Scabbard Set provides two interchangeable attachment platforms for the Federal baton carrier. The scabbard can be locked in five distinct positions on each platform. Baton Scabbard platforms each incorporate belt width adjustment slides. Complete your tactical gear with Tactical Belts, Tactical Vests, and LE accessories for Law Enforcement

Available ASP Federal Baton Holders for F 21 Batons


  • Polymer technology
  • Wear resistant
  • Retracted batons will not shake open
  • Permanent attachment to the belt (Federal Scabbard)
  • 12 position rotation (Federal Scabbard)
  • Five carry positions (Federal Pad & Paddle Set)