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African Hunter II is the best overall book on all the countries in Africa open to hunting today. To start, there is a total of twenty-five countries covered, with thorough in-depth overviews of their hunting areas, background information, and best times to hunt.

Then there are the game animals: all the Big Five; the nine spiral-horn antelope; game indigenous to only one region; game indigenous to most regions; the rarities; the plains game, and so on-all game animals throughout the entire African continent are given close attention. There are hunting stories from each country that highlight hunting for game found in that particular area-these are thrilling stories written by people who have hunted and lived in the area for long periods of time. Moreover, you will read exiting stories of giant tuskers, huge leopards, obnoxious buffalo, a double on large maned lions, and a surprisingly nimble giant rhino. But the book goes beyond that with chapters on medical preparation, booking a safari, trophy care, the rules, and the rifles for Africa; there is even a detailed checklist of game animals, country by country. In addition there are detailed maps and numerous sidebars with immediate, at your fingertips information. A total of more than two-dozen contributors endeavored to make this book the most complete it could be, including Gregor Woods, Tony Tomkinson, Joe Coogan, Rolf Rohwer, Piet Hougard, Volker Grellmann, Robin Hurt, Rudolf Sand, Tony Dyer, Franz Wegnert, Mike Murray, Tony Sanchez, Rudy Lubin, Angelo Dacey, Warren Parker, Reinald von Meurers, and many others. With over 500 full-color pages, hundreds of photographs, and updated tables on animals and where they are available, this is THE book to consult for the information on Africa today.