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The Ballistol Jet 40ml Pepper Spray is a powerful and reliable self-defense tool. Its compact size makes it easy to carry and store, ensuring you're always prepared for any situation. With its 40ml capacity, you'll have multiple uses at your disposal. This pepper spray is designed with your safety in mind, delivering a strong and effective stream to neutralize potential threats. Feel confident and protected with the Ballistol Jet 40ml Pepper Spray.


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The Pepper Spray Ballistol Jet 40ml is a powerful and compact self-defense weapon designed to keep you safe in any situation. With its high-pressure stream delivery, this pepper spray is capable of reaching targets up to 12 feet away, giving you a safe distance to protect yourself from potential threats. Crafted with precision and reliability in mind, the Ballistol Jet 40ml is an ideal choice for individuals seeking a reliable and effective means of personal protection. Its compact size makes it easy to carry in your pocket or purse, ensuring quick and convenient access whenever you need it. Featuring a 40ml capacity, this pepper spray provides you with multiple uses, allowing you to stay prepared and confident in any scenario. Its powerful formula instantly incapacitates attackers, causing intense burning and temporary blindness, giving you precious moments to escape and seek help. With its easy-to-use design, the Ballistol Jet 40ml ensures that you can confidently operate it even in high-stress situations. The ergonomic and non-slip grip allows for precise aiming, ensuring that you hit your target with accuracy. Plus, the secure safety cap prevents accidental discharge, giving you peace of mind when carrying it in your bag or pocket. Don't let your personal safety be compromised – equip yourself with the Pepper Spray Ballistol Jet 40ml today. Whether you're walking alone at night, running errands, or simply want an added layer of protection, this pepper spray is your ultimate self-defense solution. Take control of your safety and feel empowered knowing you have the power of the Ballistol Jet 40ml by your side.

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