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Hunters for Charity

Hunters can now donate their excess venison to various Charities around Gauteng.

We have joined forces with Uitkyk Vleismark to bring you this project: Hunters for Charity. 

You all know how it goes: The first hunt of the season fills your freezer. The second hunt you don't know what to do with the meat.  Well, now you can deliver the meat to Uitkyk Vleismark and Safari Outdoor will distribute it to children, families, and elders in need.

Let us know if you are planning a hunt for charity by filling in this form (click here) and/or contacting us via the details below.  We will then contact you with details and make sure we are ready to receive the meat at your convenience!

Make those bullets really count this year. Let's hunt for charity!


How much does it cost?
It's completely free.  Simply deliver the carcass to Uitkyk and we will take care of the rest.

Where is Uitkyk Vleismark?
165 De Boulevard street
Silverton, Pretoria

What times are Uitkyk Vleismark open for receiving venison?
06h00 - 18h00 - Monday to Friday
06h00 - 15h00 - Saturday
Closed - Sunday


What should you do when you arrive at Uitkyk with a donation?
When you are on your way, it would be a good idea to give them a call just to make sure that they are ready to receive the meat.  Call the production department here:  012 804 3280 ext136 (Save this number on your phone)
Tell the personnel that you wish to donate meat on behalf of Safari & Outdoor.  They will then unload the carcases and give you a receipt.

What kinds of venison can you donate?
Any kind of deer or pig
No Zebra's
No Giraffes

What state should the meat be in when you deliver it?
It MUST be skinned already.Fresh, Cool, Clean (No fly eggs / maggots as it can contaminate the entire meat market)
It should look like fresh lamb

How is the meat processed?
The meat is cut into pieces suitable for stewing and sealed into 5kg or 10kg plastic bags.

How is the meat distributed?
It is kept cool in Uitkyk's freezers until the charities pick them up once or twice per week.  We keep record of the amount donated to each charity, and will report this back to you periodically via our website, Facebook, and email.

Which charities receive the meat?
We distribute to about 40 different feeding schemes, all going to orphans and families literally depending on places like us for survival.  If you really need to know the names of the charities, we will gladly supply them to you via email.

Who can you contact about this?
Maria Stenos at Safari Outdoor is leading the initiative.
Tel: +27 12 348 2888

You can also contact Uitkyk Vleismark directly:
Tel: +27 12 804 3280