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Designed in collaboration with USA Team Frog Eaters, the Molix Pop Frog is an innovative hollowbody frog showcasing meticulous attention to detail along with an exclusive design. Delivering impressive versatility, the Pop Frog can be worked like a classic popping frog, creating a strong sound recall on the surface thanks to its internal rattles, or fished with a walk-the-dog action with a smooth and enticing back-and-forth motion.

If the outstandingly boisterous action isn’t enough to seal the deal, the Molix Pop Frog’s next level realism surely is. Featuring a realistic skin effect, Molix built the Pop Frog with exceptionally authentic textures and shapes to fool even the most skeptical green giant lurking underneath your water’s vegetation. Once a lunker inevitably falls for the Pop Frog’s authentic trap, its durable yet soft body collapses exposing a double strong OMTD Custom Hook that provides lightning-fast penetration and hawg-hauling power. To help the Pop Frog to leap to the front of the pack, Molix integrated an additional eyelet at the base of the hook to affix a blade for added attraction, or a treble hook if you are working the frog in open water. Add the Molix Pop Frog to your topwater arsenal for a unique and customizable frogging experience.


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