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Offering extreme stability in nearly any water or weather condition, Seibel Stick Shad Fishing Hard Bait gives anglers control. This fish lure can be used effectively in turbulent waters, powerful currents, near breakers, and in calm lake conditions. A streamlined shape makes it ideal for long-distance, accurate casting and helps it keep stable in turbulent water and powerful currents. This fish lure remains horizontal when stationary or worked, and it has a power keel under the belly that creates unpredictable and super-erratic swimming action designed to trigger a reaction strike. Vary your presentations to give the Stick Shad different action, like twitch-twitch-pause action to mimic the actions of an injured baitfish, or stop-and-go for finicky fish or cold-water situations. Lifelike features and a reinforced body offer higher pull strength for added durability.


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  • Designed for extreme stability in nearly all weather and water conditions
  • Remains horizontal when stationary or worked
  • Unpredictable and super-erratic swimming action designed to trigger a reaction strike
  • Streamlined shape delivers efficient and accurate long-distance casts
  • 2nd generation SS-114-RKT-GRMK offers more lifelike features and a stronger, reinforced body
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