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Peter Flack has previously written two books, in addition to being a contributing editor to major African hunting tomes. Those who are familiar with his writings know he has assembled a nearly complete collection of every huntable African game animal. Such an endeavor does not come easily or in a few short years-it represents a lifetime of hunting. Now, in his third book, he recounts the stories of those animals that struck him for an iconic reason, either because of the grandeur of the animal or because of his particular experience while hunting it. This book details Flack's long record of hunting on the Dark Continent for animals as diverse as giant forest hog and wildebeest.

The list, which is not all-inclusive of anything in particular, is comprised of twenty-five animals, from a Barbary sheep in Chad to a zebra in South Africa. In these pages you will find the story of a dwarf forest buffalo that almost killed him as well as Flack's struggles and victories with denizens of the rain forest-giant forest hog, forest sitatunga, forest elephant, and the new world-record bongo. While in Chad in search of a huge Barbary sheep and northern kudu, he ducks bullets as they fly at him during an attack by four AK-47-toting nomads. Interesting historical and natural-history facts begin the section on each animal, followed by a personal hunting narrative. Some of the stories are new and some of the material is from such magazines as Sports Afield, but wherever they came from, for Peter Flack fans this will be a journey worth taking. Flack's book leaves no corner of Africa's vast mountains, forests, and plains untouched. Craig Boddington had this to say: "No one in modern times, perhaps not ever, has hunted in Africa as widely as Peter Flack, and few among us are as astute in our observations. This book is Peter's tribute to his own list of Africa's top twenty-five game animals, his "icons" of African hunting."

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