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Wild-boar hunting in Europe is now the most popular big-game animal on the Continent (after roe deer), and in Germany alone over half a million are shot each year. But it is in the vast forests of the eastern end of the Continent that boar hunting reaches its apex. There the sport has been practiced literally for centuries, and it appears there are more boars now than ever before.

A group of six hunters stays in a traditional hunting lodge in Hungary and are briefed on the morning of the hunt by the hunt master of Kardofska about the game to be shot. Once the hunters are placed on their peg, the drive starts. Despite what some say, the wild boar is a very intelligent animal and the slightest noise will alert the older animals. Should that happen, they will avoid coming in front of the guns no matter what the beaters and dogs do.


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Once the action starts, the amount of shooting and the number of animals seen is amazing. Red deer may be shot as well. Because the action is close to nonstop and because several cameras are used, we see a lot of different hunters shooting. In most cases the boars run through semiopen forest, and you'll see just how hard it is to hit the boars and not the trees! The commentator claims a good shot gets one boar for every two shots fired, although it seemed to us that one in three is already very, very good.

At the end of the day there is horn blowing, great wood fires, and a large tableaux of all the game shot. The film covers several boar-hunting days in a row, and on day one alone twenty-nine boars are culled. We lost count of the numbers shot.

All footage was filmed with very high-definition cameras, and we noted that sounds were very well recorded as well. This film is highly recommended for those who want to see an action-hunting movie.

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