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    Peter Capstick has been hailed as the adventure-writing successor to Hemingway and... Learn More

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    African Medium Game Cartridges is a medium plains game cartridge sequel to Safari ... Learn More

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    Of all Africa's wildlife, none has captured the imagination more than those specie... Learn More

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    Young children will enjoy the sound of the words read to them by an adult, older c... Learn More

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    This title focuses on the essence of how to go about identifying birds. Topics cov... Learn More

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    At the age of 14, author David Bristow stuck a large touring map of South Africa o... Learn More

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    The fact that more than 100 000 copies of this book have been sold is maybe ample ... Learn More

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    Die meer as 100 000 eksemplare wat van hierdie boek verkoop is, is voldoende bewys... Learn More

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    Here s a superb collection of in-your-face images of Africa s magnificent Big Five... Learn More

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    Rowland Ward Publications. Johannesburg. (1995) 2000 , first english edition. Larg... Learn More

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    How many of the more common birds of southern African can you identify from their ... Learn More

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    In 1964 the author was assigned to assist Rupert Fothergill with the capture of bl... Learn More

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    Judy Kovar, a Northern Cheyenne Native American is an exceptional bowhunter with s... Learn More

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    Many people have been on safari but few have been on safari alone! Dr. reinald ovn... Learn More

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    A unique book that pays tribute to beautiful Cape Town and its people. With b... Learn More


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