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From the small urial sheep of the Middle East to the mighty 60-plus-inch argali to the majestic Rocky Mountain ram, it is fair to say that no other class of animal evokes such great passions in hunters as do the wild sheep of the world. The authors of this book have established a definitive classification for every species and subspecies of sheep, which is the first time in more than forty years anyone has attempted to do so. In the process they lay out a systematic approach for classifying both New and the Old World sheep. They provide detailed distribution maps and color photos to enhance the descriptions, which help make this the best overview to date on the wild sheep of the world. For purposes of completeness, blue sheep, Barbary sheep, and tur have been included, even though they are not true sheep.

There is also a section of hunting stories by famous sheep hunters such as Jack Atcheson Sr. and Jr., Soudy Golabchi, Robert Logan, Hubert Thummler, Dennis Campbell, Henry van den Broecke, Margaret Frisina, Duncan Gilchrist, and so on. Both Drs. Mike Frisina and Richard Mitchell have spent countless days in the field studying and observing sheep in areas as diverse as Pakistan, central Asia, Mongolia, Alaska, and the western United States.

The authors reclassify many sheep, which is sure to be controversial to some, and they offer a fresh approach to a subject matter that endlessly fascinates hunters.


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