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    An enraged elephant flips a car onto its roof. A lioness prises open the door of a... Learn More

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    A-Z Place Names of South Africa contains alphabetically listed names of South Afri... Learn More

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    The story begins with Fred’s birth in “old colonial-style” Calcu... Learn More

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    Isabel de Quintanilla married famed PH Tony Sanchez-Ario in 1963, and rather than ... Learn More

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    'n Baie insiggewende Afrikaanse boek wat vrae en antwoorde bevat van Suid-Afrikaan... Learn More

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    Richard Harland caught up with Paul Grobler when the latter was in his eighties, a... Learn More

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    Why do elephants flap their ears? Which big cat leaps into the air to catch birds?... Learn More

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    A stunning new cover, design and format brings African Myths & Legends, a comb... Learn More

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    African Sunsets was published in 2007 by Rowland Ward in a limited edition of 200 ... Learn More

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    Don Cowie began his working life as an officer with the Southern Rhodesian Departm... Learn More

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    The struggles and celebrations of nature's largest land creatures with more than 2... Learn More

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    Walter Bell was an extraordinary person, and this was clear even when he was a chi... Learn More

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    Few countries have felt the tumult of the “winds of change” more than ... Learn More

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    One of the most memorable chapters in the history of early 20th century Africa is ... Learn More

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    Captain Radclyffe was an English gentleman-hunter who visited Alaska in 1903. He b... Learn More


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