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P 375 250GR SWIFT A-FRAME (50)

Swift A-Frame Heavy Rifle Bullets boast a unique cross-member copper jacket design coupled with a bonded front core. This A-Frame is proven to produce three key elements of high performance, including controlled expansion, 95 percent weight retention for all velocities, and deep penetration.

To produce these characteristics, the bullet consists of a soft-semi-Spitzer lead nose designed to protect against felt recoil while still in the magazine, a tapered jacket around a pure lead core that controls expansion rate, and a wraparound jacket on the base. Compared to the competition, this uncoated bullet outperforms.


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  • Caliber: 375 Cal (1.085”)
  • Diameter: .375
  • Weight: 270 Grains
  • Sectional Density: .274
  • Ballistic Coefficient: .349
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375 (9.5 mm)
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