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SOTC (Safari Outdoor Training Centre) has been serving the Firearm, Self-Defense and Skills Development Industries since 2015 – supplying a variety of purposes specific training courses, apart from the SAQA required part-qualifications to possess and license a firearm.

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Proficiency Training

SAPS Processes

Section 21

Compulsory Workshop/Training For Individuals Working With Firearm Licensed To An Entity / Body / Institution / Company

Additional / Specialized Training Courses

*The above courses are of a physical nature, whereas some courses requires a skill level exceeding that of novice or basic, dependent on the specific subject.
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If you have any more questions, please contact us.

Cruy Cruywagen
Manager SOSC / SOTC
083 304 9901 / 0861 22 2269
[email protected]
Safari Outdoor Lynnwood, Lynnwood Bridge Shopping Centre, Pretoria

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