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John Sharp is one of today’s most respected, recognized and larger-than-life professional hunters. The praise garnered for him and his book, FACING DOWN FEAR, is amazing. Robin Hurt: John Sharp is unquestionably one of Zimbabwe’s leading Professional Hunters…(and) As a professional he is in a league of his own. I J Lariviers: FACING DOWN FEAR is much more than a book of hunting stories, it is the incredibly interesting story of someone who has truly lived. Brooke Chilvers-Lubin: No one ever forgets the first time they met Professional Hunter John Sharp. Jim Carmichel: John Sharp joins the list of professional hunters who have great stories to tell and who knows how to tell them. He has earned a reputation for being everything a PH ought to be. Mark Newton (Director Rigby Firearms): If you have the least bit of interest in African hunting and paid the slightest bit of attention to activities involving African hunters over the past four decades, then John Sharp needs no introduction. And finally- Richard Lendrum: If there is one person I would suggest spending a day with in the bush before you or he exits planet earth, it would be John Sharp. But – if you can’t spend a day with John in the bush, then you must spend time with his book FACING DOWN FEAR. Whether hunting lion, leopard, elephant or buffalo John has plenty of stories to tell. One of the most exciting is about when John almost lost his arm due to an encounter with a puff adder. For over 40 years in seven African hunting countries, John has guided a variety of hunting clients, often while facing his own fears, and always giving credit for success to his trackers, staff and client. John is that kind of really good hunter, good guy, and a good writer, too. If you are interested in firearms, then John also has plenty of info to share

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